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    Story of Faith: Artist Anatoliy Bondar

    My conversion to God can be called normal, as the histories of many of my brothers and sisters in Christ. I was born in the last millennium, in 1945, in family of Orthodox believers. We did`nt have the Bible, except the gospel in Old Church Slavonic language, which me and

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    We’re at media!

    This week, from 25-th till 30-th April our Easter video-invintation will be translated on Lviv TV. Be sure to watch, and tell your friends. Approximate time will be 20:20 and 20:50, after the news programm. If you arent abble to see it there, we leave it here for you:  

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    Story of faith. Valentina Honcharova.

    In September 2014 war in Ukraine forced her to leave Donetsk and move to Lviv. Anyway she doesn’t need many time to find how to serve God in new city. Today Valentyna is one of the leaders of Living Word church in Lviv. She devotes much time to teaching children.